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With his major project, ‘Mussoriie Boyz’ entrepreneur Tarun Singh Rawat is poised to create headlines once more

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‘Mussoriie Boyz’, a significant film being produced by JSR Production House in Dehradun and VHS Media in Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand, is set to premiere soon. The film covers many parts of Mussoorie and Dehradun’s most beautiful locations, and it features all of the city’s major tourist attractions. Thanks to an ensemble cast of excellent performers and crew, the picture promises to be a pleasure for all cinema lovers.

   Tarun Singh Rawat is one of the most prominent producers of Uttarakhand as well as one of the leading philanthropists in Dehradun. With his hard work and determination, he has made his mark in the entertainment industry as a powerful producer and entrepreneur. Be it producing his mega project 72 Hours or producing the hard-hitting songs like he has been there and done it all. But that’s not all; he is also a successful businessman who holds an array of other ventures under his belt: JSR Production House, JSR Continental, JSR IN, JSR Builders and Developers India Pvt. Ltd. Mr Tarun Singh Rawat, an idealist and film producer, gave some insight into his production house’s idea. “Through creative storytelling, we want to bring our ideas to life,” he added. His venture JSR Production House is flourishing since they are dedicated to providing the greatest value to their money.

Mr Prashil Rawat, who plays Vicky in the film, is one of the protagonists. Mr Prashil has previously worked in the film 72 Hours before, which was his first feature movie. The audience accepted him as a good actor. In the next film Mussoriie Boyz, he will go from the serious character of Rifleman Jeet Singh from 72 Hours to a lighthearted persona.

The movie Mussoriie Boyz is a fun ride of emotions and humour. It will help you recall all your favourite childhood memories, at the same time keep you engaged in the interesting plot that will offer pure entertainment to the audience. The four friends i.e. The Mussoriie Boyz are the main leads of the movie and the whole story rotates around these characters and also the adventurous reunion that plan amidst the lush green forest of Mussoorie. Their emotions, whether it be laughter or anger, are beautifully captured in the camera by none other than Hirday V Shetty a popular name in the Bollywood Industry.

The film’s cast includes several talented actors, including Prashil Rawat, who portrays Vickey, and Rahul Singh, who plays Sodi. His portrayal of a strong Punjabi Munda is typical. Parth Akerkar as Karan, Vijay Krishna is playing Chaudhary.

Amika Shail (Naagin, Balveer) as Ria and Naina Singh played Mandira Parth Akerkar.

Mr Paul as a Gujjar buddy, Vishal Om Prakash as Inspector Yadav, and Ankit as a local acquaintance are the supporting performers in this film.

Vicky, Chaudhary, Sodhi, and Panda (the adorable comedic relief) are four childhood pals who have had quite different upbringings. However, their relationship continues to deepen despite everything. While watching the film with your family and friends, feel the nostalgia of childhood friendships and a reunion trip strike you.

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