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IIBM Institute received QAHE Accreditation for its legacy in education.

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IIBM Institute of Business Management is recognized for quality assurance in higher education. IIBM Institute satisfactorily met all the standards prescribed by the committee and has been honoured with the QAHE Accreditation. The QAHE evaluated the educational quality, institutional integrity, and public accountability of the institute. 

The main aim of IIBM institute is to teach students the skills they need to compete in today’s fast-changing job market. The industry leaders design all the courses in the institute. The institute offers world-class education on the global LMS Platform. The institution has transformed the lives of professionals across the globe. IIBM Institute is accredited with various awards, including ‘EAHEA Certificate’. This means the institution has fulfilled all standards set by the European agency, which takes into account academics and administrative responsibility. Beyond this, IIBM Institute is a member of various other Organisations like AIMA, MMA, CII, D&B, and FIEO.

An individual can upskill themselves with the course. This guarantees a pay raise or promotion. These courses are helpful for beginners too. The institution was established in 2008. It has helped more than 25000 Professionals in their field. The institute aims to develop the next generation of managers and industry leaders.

IIBM has been accredited by QAHE for its quality higher education program. The certification ensures that the institution offers an education that meets international standards. This accreditation ensures the continued excellence of the institution each year.

About QAHE

QAHE is registered in Delaware, USA. It is a Private, independent, and international Organization. It recognizes the institutes for research, student performance, and quality of teaching. There is a growing form of education that extends beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom. To gain the trust of students, these digital classrooms need to be recognized.

The QAPA Program ensures that the quality of education aligns with the standard set by QAHE. The development and progress of the students is the main objective of the Program. They offer accreditation to institutions offering tertiary education. Technical and vocational education is provided as well.

The IIBM institution is accredited because it offers exceptional academic quality. Students have the opportunity to contact faculty members via email. Faculty respond to students’ questions within 48 hours. Also, the students get credits for prior work experience or practical knowledge. It makes continuous efforts to upgrade its curriculum that matches industry standards. Due to the values of the institution, students become recognizable in the market.

IIBM teaches its students the practical skills that make them market-ready. They also focus on building problem-solving and decision-making skills. They focus on developing the practical applications of the subject. There is a special team dedicated to the placement of students. The institute provides the highest quality of learning material and help.

The main advantage of studying at a QAHE accredited institute is the peer group. It is easier to access the privileges that alumni offer. It also helps individuals to network better based on trust. The students enrolling in this Program receive QAHE accreditation. Thus, their CVs become more credible and marketable. Students’ skills are gaining global recognition.

For more information about IIBM Institute, click on www.iibmindia.in

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